Since I am composing this on Halloween, I thought it would be fitting to work on a self portrait using a picture that was taken on Halloween a few years ago (I won’t say how many) – I was still living at home.

I had a dream last night that I was under murky water and it was slowly draining away, which I think was a good thing. My dream was disturbing, it prompted me to do this portrait of me under water. I hope the image in front is a sign that I am emerging out of the murk. 

I don’t think this is finished yet, It’s one of those pieces that I will have to walk away from and work on with fresh eyes. I used a cut out and two photographs and merged them in Photoshop.

I am not sure what I will use this for yet, if anything, but I had fun working on it. There are so many skills to learn in Photoshop, it’s good to have practice. Many times I wind up using a image on a bag or wall art and maybe some version of this will be but I’m not sure I want to see my face on someone’s bag walking down the street, it could make for some awkward conversation.

Happy Halloween, I hope you find today to be interesting and inspiring!