Melanie Maslaniec

Creating original digital art & design

About me

I live in Western Manitoba with my husband and dog in an old Victorian home. I am a Jewellery designer and photographic and print artist. I also enjoy writing stories and poetry.

My jewellery design has evolved, along with me, over time. I have a passion for creating rustic and eclectic jewellery, mostly made with copper, stainless steel and some sterling silver. I am experimenting with new techniques and hope to come up with some new designs. Some of my best ideas come from walks with my dog. Often I am inspired by nature, the beauty of it, as well as the destructive, restorative aspects of it, which is why I am fascinated by rust and dirt.

Both my photographic art and jewellery are influenced by my spirituality and I hope that it will inspire and resonate with others.

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