Many of the ideologies and ways of life we took for granted have been turned upside down in the last few months. Maybe it has been coming for a while and now we are feeling the full impact. When the COVID 19 pandemic first started, I was shocked and scared. Then I settled into a new routine with the hope that things would be back to normal in a few months. I now doubt that we will return back to what was, and I am feeling the effects of a cultural shift. What will our way of life be one, two or three years from now? Not sure.

I have always striven to be open minded and forward thinking. I had predicted that something major was going to happen in my lifetime that would shift our perception. With that in mind, I wonder why I wasn’t more prepared. I am much more scared and worried than I expected. When I laid my head down to sleep last night, I was beset with waves of anxiety. To be fair, I have always had a hard time shutting my mind off. This weekend, I find myself thinking about what our life is going to be like going forward.

There are so many exciting things that can happen for our future and many of us will experience so many changes in our life time. I am hopeful, that it will be for the better in many cases. However, I think we need to give ourselves a moment to mourn the past. In order to move forward, we have to give ourselves permission to grieve. And, sadly, many will also have to grieve for the people they have lost. In order to move forward, I feel like I need to feel the fullness of my sadness.

Forgiveness will also be part of my process. I have been thinking about my contribution to our world environmental issues. For a few years now I have been struggling to move forward and have failed in some ways. I try to be more environmentally aware; admittedly only when it was convenient. In some ways I would slide back. Fatigue has always been a part of my life, so I would revert back on lazy habits, like buying heavily packaged foods. I think it’s important to keep moving forward and keep trying. If I forgive past actions, maybe I won’t give up on striving forward.

Future possibilities are exciting and scary for me. I wonder where our technology is going to take us and how quickly. What’s it going to be like ten years from now. Are there going to be causalities because we are moving too fast? Will people be able to adapt and find new ways of making a living. For instance, when robotics take over a large portion of our job base. I believe innovation and creativity will not just be leading the pack, but may also be necessary to earn a living.

Companies may no longer have offices and instead it will be more common to have cyber networks. How are we going to keep it together and find meaning in the chaos? I am sure there are many brilliant minds out there that already have some of the answers. Leaders have emerged in the past and that is happening now. Let’s forgive them for not always knowing the right way forward. At least they try and hold a new vision for the future.

Although, we should not release control to leaders completely because we don’t understand the concepts. Keeping informed and taking an active role is crucial to help mold our potential. I see many people dragging their heels to try and keep the world in the past. It seems like a waste of energy to me. We have achieved so much. Let’s not wallow in our failures or ignore them. Let’s also not permit fear the future stop us from making progress.

I hope we can find a way to take the best parts of our past experiences and apply it in a modern way. I would like to see us put our energy into shaping a kinder, more inclusive and peaceful future.