I just completed a DNA test through AncestryDNA and I am excited to get the results back. My Mother asked me if I wanted this as a gift and I said yes. I am excited about the opportunity to more about my family history and what my DNA is made up of. I hope there will be some interesting surprises.

While spitting into my collection tube – yuck! I started thinking what our genetic makeup is all about and if it was predestined. I believe so. I also wonder how much of our destiny is determined by our DNA map, our outside connections and our spiritual helpers and hinderers.

I have read that our karma is wired into our genetic makeup and we often carry the karma of our tribe. If this is true, how much free will is involved in any of this. I think, like my DNA, it will be a mixed bag.

Maybe we are like computers with our DNA as our software but what we do with that software is what really counts – pretty sure I’ve had a few hard drive crashes and nasty trojan viruses that altered the course of my destiny. Scary thought but I will keep going until my switch doesn’t turn on anymore.

I have chosen not to have children in this lifetime, so there won’t be a next generation to carry on my DNA torch, or will there be? Will my actions, failures, and triumphs alter the course of my spiritual tribe, i.e. will my siblings children’s children be destined to have different DNA mapping because of what I’ve contributed.

This of course, is in line with my esoteric belief that there is a spiritual impact of each individual on the collective.

I also believe in reincarnation, which makes me wonder why anyone would be racist since most of us don’t know who we have been before, what color our skin was, or will be next time. I find it hard to imagine that we come back with the same ethnicity every time. I hope not, that would be boring.

I am so white that I am almost translucent but I often see Aboriginal ancestors in my dreams. It makes me wonder if these are connections from past lives.  Although, I do think it is possible that we sometimes come back into the same family lines to continue working on the spiritual welfare of our tribe.

I am not sure – If you’ve been around since Mesopotamia, for instance, imagine how many different places you would have lived in and how many different families you would have been born into.

Are we destined to be born in a certain location as part of your karmic path? I would think so. My nephew was adopted from a long way away but I feel like he was always meant to be with us, so figure that one into the mix. Or, is it all random. I don’t think so.

I look forward to getting my DNA results back; maybe this will provide some clarity, but if not, it will be fun to know what my software is made up of. I hope before this life is over that I achieve my karmic ‘to do’ list and help add to the collective in a positive way. I will keep trying anyway!