New Years Plunge

I am trying to practice non-judgement as I look back at the last month but I really didn't bring my A-game. My diet and habits have crashed over the last year and, not surprising, more so over the holidays. Consequently, my energy and creative flow is very stagnant. My kundalini snakes have fallen down the… Continue reading New Years Plunge

DNA – Our Karmic Map

I just completed a DNA test through AncestryDNA and I am excited to get the results back. My Mother asked me if I wanted this as a gift and I said yes. I am excited about the opportunity to more about my family history and what my DNA is made up of. I hope there… Continue reading DNA – Our Karmic Map

Creative flow

Often I wonder about how creative flow works. I am sure there are scientific, spiritual and psychological perspectives. My brain seems to cycle through a number of outlets such as photography, jewellery design, graphic design, writing and lately I have been back into sewing (which I haven't done for a long while). Sometimes the timing… Continue reading Creative flow

Abstract photo art

Lately I have been experimenting with some abstract effects in photoshop, not because I always feel like I have to alter my photos, but because I like the artistic expression of making it into something different. A good friend of mine, who is an excellent photographer, much better than I, is a purist and thinks… Continue reading Abstract photo art

Earth Day

I hope everyone is having a great Earth Day. I love this reminder to think about our beautiful home that we often take for granted. This year I have been taking small baby steps in cleaning up my act and being more conscientious of the waste I produce, particularly how much plastic I use. Although… Continue reading Earth Day