I am trying to practice non-judgement as I look back at the last month but I really didn’t bring my A-game. My diet and habits have crashed over the last year and, not surprising, more so over the holidays. Consequently, my energy and creative flow is very stagnant. My kundalini snakes have fallen down the ladder and are hissing at each other.

I try not to put too much importance on specific dates since all days are important but I do find entering into a new year serves as a reminder to reflect and to make great goals for the next year. I call it goals, not resolutions, because resolutions seem to rigid don’t allow for life to happen, setting us up for disappointment. However, a little planning and goal setting can get us back on our illuminated path…Flashlight anyone?

I did have disappointment while getting dressed to go out for a New Years eve celebration. I discovered that my skinny vegan-leather pant didn’t fit and I actually ripped a seam. My salt and sugar inflated self felt more like slipping on yoga pants–thankfully, I had sparkly ones. You would think this would be enough to shock me back to better decisions, but no, I went out and continued with junk food and alcohol. 

I did have fun and enjoyed celebrating with my friends. On New Years day I was at my lowest point. My dog laid on the couch beside me and looked at me like ‘WTF Mom, I thought we weren’t going to do this again’. It was -27 outside, so I had a reasonable excuse not to venture too far from my TV.

I had family over later for Chinese food–Yes, more salt. That was nice but my Mom said I looked like I needed a blood transfusion. I guess I was the wrong shade of pale. 

I was in bed early last night and ingested a whole bunch of vitamins this morning–probably only half absorbed by my battered system. I did revive and faced January 2nd with a positive outlook and had a reasonably productive day. 

What are my goals? Well, I have several lofty ones but the ones that will support my hopes and dreams are basic. I hope to get my diet back on track. I have been a vegetarian for nearly a year now and I would like to eat more raw food.

Unhealthy diet and consumption of alcohol lowers your vibrational energy, making it hard to breath in vital life force and creative energy. I have certainly learned this through my recent experience. My creative flow is still trickling but not enough to fill a shot glass. 

I would like to follow my friend Sandy’s example, who was with me until the bitter end on New Years eve, and not feel like I have to drink to have a good time out. I will probably not give up my red wine or dark beer completely but I will take a more balanced approach. Like a lot of people, I am need of a cleanse and detox period and a lot less brain fog. 

I was writing an article today on yoga and realized I hadn’t done any in months, so…I would also like to try new skills and new types of exercise or revive old ones. I am grateful that my dog ensures I get exercise and fresh air most days. He will appreciate a more energetic me. 

My end-game is to apply some discipline while living more authentically, leading to achieving my loftier goals, like writing more blogs. 

I hope everyone receives a good mixture of love, hope and energy and it carries them through 2019 and beyond.