Healing evolution surge

My hope is that, as a society, we will continue to open our eyes to the possibilities in holistic therapies, many healing methods are beginning to surge to the forefront. The reason I have started this blog is three fold: I aspire to help others learn about the fascinating subject of natural healing, to promote my business, and to put my thoughts in writing. We are so fortunate to live in a world where we can share information, expand our knowledge, and connect with others so easily.

Natural, holistic healing practices have been around for thousands of years but the information age has allowed us to lift the veil by providing access and education on these practices. It can be confusing to know what therapies could be be right for you since there are so many modalities to choose from, such as: Bowen therapy, acupuncture, herbal or aroma therapy, crystal healing, Reiki healing, Access® Bars, to name a few.

These are therapies that encourage the flow of energy through the bodies meridians and other etheric body systems by removing blocks, stagnant energies that may have an impact on your health and wellbeing.

Can you heal yourself?

Many of these modality concepts invite you to heal yourself. I personally find this difficult and often seek out another practitioner, but others heal themselves very well. One night in my sleep, I woke up to find myself healing. My muscles down my right side of my body (where I have issues) were twitching like I’d been stuck to electrodes. I hope one day to harness this at will, in the mean time, I have been lucky to make connections with other fantastic healers in my area.

How do you know who to contact?

This is not a very regulated field and often comes down to personal preference. Intuitively we connect with our service providers, finding a healing service is no different. If you feel uncomfortable with a person, you are less likely to receive the treatment as effectively. Since many of these treatments are non-evasive, they are generally safe for anyone to try.

Things to consider

Location, connection with the provider, overall feeling of the healing space and the type of healing modality that resonates with you. Of course, some people prefer minimal touch, a benefit to selecting Reiki as touch is not always necessary. Don’t be shy about asking your practitioner about their training and experience, you might find their history interesting and it’s a good way to start a dialogue. Ultimately, listen to your mind, body and spirit when making choices and you can’t go wrong.

We are only just beginning to understand the concepts of life force energy. I look forward to learning more and connecting with others that have new knowledge and perspectives.

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