Abstract photo art

Lately I have been experimenting with some abstract effects in photoshop, not because I always feel like I have to alter my photos, but because I like the artistic expression of making it into something different. A good friend of mine, who is an excellent photographer, much better than I, is a purist and thinks that a photo should not be tampered with.

I can see her side of it. A really good photographer can capture art created by nature or god, or however you see it, and present it in its truest form. However, for myself, I think that creation also speaks through me when I add photo filters and textures to my photos. Sometimes the original is just fine and other times, I see some potential in a photo that would be kind of boring on it’s own.

Creation small

The photo I attached is an example of one that I thought was ok on it’s own but I used filters to emphasize the natural patterns in nature. I often have an end product in mind, for instance I think the above photo would make an excellent splash of color on the wall or it would make a great pillow in a modern setting. I love playing with colors and seeing where I can take it.

Art is subjective and it depends on what you are looking for, a moment capture in time by a keen eye, or an artistic expression derived from a form captured in a digital photo. I hope that others see my vision or find their own in my digital art.

Melanie Maslaniec


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