Yesterday was like summer in Manitoba, all the snow was nearly melted and it was warm. Today we got a snowstorm; Oddly, I find it comforting because you are supposed to be inside during a storm. I watch the news every morning to find out about the spread of the COVID-19, and then then turn it to try and immerse myself into a new at home routine.

I’m left wondering, like many, what else is next. What traumas might we encounter next in this fast-changing world. In South-central Manitoba, we are waiting for the COVID-19 wave to hit; it feels like we are the last frontier as the pandemic spreads. We are anticipating the worst but hoping for the best.

Like many people, I have been laid off from my job, and am spending quality time with my husband and dog at home. Many of us remember wishing we had so much time, but this time is different, it long and worrisome, making it hard to concentrate on creative ideas and projects. I am trying to build a new routine and way of life for an unspecified period. We are the lucky ones.

Many people are home sick, feeling helpless, scared and isolated. Others are waiting on news of sick loved ones, while nurses and doctors are fighting a battle that I can’t even imagine. A home care worker on the news said that she would likely suffer from PTSD after this pandemic is over. I wouldn’t doubt it.

Others are supporting our economy, like Amazon workers, truckers, gas station attendants, postal carriers and grocery store personnel. I remind myself every night to be grateful for them. A friend said she was glad to be at work because she had some normalcy. Front-line workers must feel like they are in a new dimensional reality.

For the rest of us, it is a waiting game. Doing nothing is the new doing something. Proactive people must find it difficult when helping has a different meaning, when best way to help is to stay at home, stay positive, and provide emotional support for your loved ones. This will come naturally to some people, but for others, this must be a big transition. I hope people find the emotional support they need, sometimes unexpected places.

Whatever personal battle you are fighting, I wish you all the best and hope that you find success. Hopefully we will gain jewels of wisdom in each of our experiences. I have already gained a new perspective and anticipate that there will be much more to learn and more battles to fight. Now I must go and dust off my snow shovels and snow boots, a welcome distraction for now.