Creative flow

Often I wonder about how creative flow works. I am sure there are scientific, spiritual and psychological perspectives. My brain seems to cycle through a number of outlets such as photography, jewellery design, graphic design, writing and lately I have been back into sewing (which I haven’t done for a long while). Sometimes the timing makes sense, like photography is easier in the summer and sewing is a great activity during the winter, but the timing doesn’t always work that way.

Maybe my life path is all about learning new things and I am not meant to stick with just one outlet, or maybe I just can’t keep focused, although, I am not sure I want to. I enjoy working on all of those things. In my darkest moments, I do wonder what purpose it serves but usually I come around to realizing I wouldn’t want to be without my creative urges. It definitely adds spice to life, even if it is a drain on time and money.

I wonder about most why my creative flow spins around like my car on Manitoba’s icy roads. If I try to fight it, like if I am in the mood for writing and try to create jewellery, it will end up in swear words, tears and wasted materials. My question is: How does this flow work and where does it come from? God perhaps? Collective consciousness? Or is it just events through out the day trigger electrical impulses in my brain. Either way, I will continue to try to go with the flow and hopefully manifest some interesting art.

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