While I walked my dog along a river path today, I was thinking about how much I had valued solitary moments like that in the past. How did my solitary moments become my only outlet?

My last day of work was March 14, before I lost my job because of COVID 19, and time is really crawling. I consider myself to be an introvert and thought that social distancing would be a breeze. Six weeks in, I have changed my mind. I have been through periods of unemployment in the last five years, but this is different. I am starting to understand the value of the little social interaction I had in the past.

All the little things I experienced daily made a difference to me, such as going to the hair dresser, occasionally having a massage, or eve poking around a thrift store. Having had some energy healing training I believe that many, or most of us, have natural healing abilities. I especially think those who work in hair and beauty are natural healers. We walk out of the salons feeling great, not just because we have a fresh look, although that feels good too. We receive incidental healing from one another every day that we interact.

I’m not complaining; I think the temporary measures put in place to slow COVID 19 are very important. People have lost jobs and many will have to shut down their businesses. However, I think the sacrifice is worth it. My greatest fear right now is in inadvertently contributing to shortening the remaining years of a loved one. Some people will be missing out on a lot of small moments that could have been. My heart goes out to their friends and families.

What I have learned from being at home, way to much, is that we do need each other. My hope is that when we are free to engage again I will appreciate the small moments shared with others more, and be present to create more big moments. While we wait, I will rely on nature to provide healing and enjoy quiet moments with my husband and dog. There will be some dark days to get through as well. I will acknowledge what each new day brings and hope for better days in the future.

Kind wishes to everyone waiting for a better day to come. I hope you find healing in unexpected places.