I hope everyone is having a great Earth Day. I love this reminder to think about our beautiful home that we often take for granted.

This year I have been taking small baby steps in cleaning up my act and being more conscientious of the waste I produce, particularly how much plastic I use. Although I am trying not to judge myself too much, I have a long way to go in reducing my waste. Some of the steps I have taken have been as follows:

  • Purchased beeswax wrappers to reduce the use of plastic wraps and bags
  • Purchased cloth produce bags
  • Reminding myself to keep my cloth grocery bags and produce bags with me
  • Making my own salads to limit the purchase of plastic containers used to hold premade salads
  • Reminding myself to reduce use of electricity

There are just some of the things I am doing along with using Earth friendly products and often buying second hand clothes where possible.

What’s next? Well, composting and planting some vegetables, maybe. I am a novice at greenery and have been impressed that my indoor plants have been doing well this year. I think I am ready to try growing a few new things this spring. If I am successful, this will also help keep my diet organic and limit ingestion of pesticides. Luckily for me there are lots of local markets in my home town of Brandon to rely on as well.

My plan to keep moving forward and learn more about what is possible to be more Earth friendly. Good luck to everyone else in their efforts to protect and heal Mother Earth.

Melanie Maslaniec