Energy shifts – What are they?

Energetic healers will speak of energy shifts as part of he healing process. It is sometimes difficult to understand what this means and if it’s happening to you, especially since this is something that you cannot see with the naked eye. Reiki, and other energetic healing methods will move stagnant energy or change your energetic vibration of your energetic meridians, chakras and aura. How do you know this is happening? There will be sensations as your healer is working on you but you may be surprised to have sensations and shifts in overall wellbeing and emotions over the following days or weeks.

Sounds like fun, right? Not necessarily, healing is sometimes hard work. You also may not realize that you are doing a lot of the work yourself. Your healer is only the facilitator or initiator to help get energy flowing. If your energy is flowing pretty well already then you may not experience much and will result in uplifted energy. However, if you have a lot to work on it can be disorienting. You may feel tired, emotional and kind of foggy for a few days.

When come out the end of an energy shift, you will be much better off, you will feel much better and will be more emotionally balanced. Allow yourself to rest and let yourself heal. The more you resist energy shifts, the more difficult the experience. We all resist change but we also know it is good for us to allow the change to happen, change is good for your body and your life experience.

What else can cause energy shifts? There are many causes in energy shifts such as change in our environment or changes in our personal lives. You may unconsciously sense a shift and feel like you need a healer to help your through it; or you may sense that your energy is stuck and need something to kick-start the self-healing process.

One healing session may not be enough to clear stagnant energy, you may need a couple if you want to keep moving forward. Although, some people may find that they learn to change their own energy and continue to heal and bring themselves through the process in their own way. Meditation is a great way for shifting energy. Also, drink plenty of water and eat healthy fresh foods. See my article on how nutrition can affect your energy systems:

Contact your healing practitioner if you are struggling, they will be able to help you through the issues. Don’t feel guilty if you find you need more rest than usual, in then end you will like who you become.


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