Energy healing and food

In my other blogs and I have written about energy blockages and how they can lead to health issues. I’d like to touch on some of  the things that cause these blockages – food. Energy healing such as Reiki can help remove some of these blockages but if we don’t take care of ourselves, issues can return.

How can food boost healing?

There are things you can do to speed your healing and prevent issues from returning. When we eat food, we are converting it to energy. This is why it is important to think about the quality of energy we are putting into our bodies. I am not judging, as I sometimes fall of the ‘good eating habits’ wagon from time to time but I do my best to get back on. It’s important not to judge yourself as well. Try something new and see where it leads.

Where to start?

Most of us are aware that eating fruit and vegetables are good for you. If you have a healing session booked, consider going on a fruit and vegetable cleanse for at least a couple of days. This will start the process of opening your body’s energy roadways.

A little lemon can go a long way

Drink water before and after your appointment, this will assist in flushing out toxins and stale energy from your body.

Try putting lemon and/or cucumber in your water. There are many fancy diffusers out there but a glass jar of any kind will do. Often you can find good glass containers at second hand stores, just give them a clean, add some chopped lemon and/or cucumber, poor filtered water over top, and throw your container in your fridge (or not) for a few hours. I personally enjoy room water that is room temperature or in the form of hot lemon tea, especially in crazy weather like we’ve had this winter.

Eating foods such as celery, cucumber or watermelon will also help flush out toxins from your system as well.

Avoid processed foods

Fresh foods will increase your healing potential, especially raw organic food. One way to avoid having to read labels is to buy foods that are fresh, this is good for you and the environment. Since I am not a person to make tomato sauces from scratch, I will buy it in a bottle but I check to see if it has any extra sugar. Processed food often has added sugar.

Also, just because your Granny made, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Homemade sweet treats often have processed flour and sugar.

Organic food

Organic food carries less toxic energy from pesticides and other processes. If possible, buying locally is the best option. There are frozen fruit and vegetables available as well if fresh isn’t an option for you.

Raw food

Raw food has gained some popularity but you may not realize that you eat a lot of raw food anyway, such as fruit or vegetable salads. I like a nice hot homemade stew for dinner, but I try to get fresh uncooked nutrients via smoothies and fresh vegetable sandwiches when I can. The live enzymes and nutrients are healing and can begin the process of correcting health issues.

Juicing is another trend but don’t be scarred off, it’s just fresh fruit and vegetable juice. If you’re not keen on putting a beet in your salad, try mixing it with fresh apple and orange juice. If you are not a big salad eater, fresh juice is a great way to introduce fresh food that wouldn’t eat otherwise such as parsley and cilantro. I love putting ginger into my juice as well

I was lucky to find a small juicing machine at a consignment store. It takes a little work to rinse out after but I find keeping a container of chopped applies and celery helps inspire me to throw food in my juicer. It’s also a great way to use up your fruits and vegetables before they go bad.

You’ve probably hear do people going on a juicing cleanse, if you’re not up for that, having a small glass of fresh juice once a day would be hugely beneficial. Eating or drinking raw food before your healing session will increase the benefits of the modality.

Try new foods

My culinary abilities have been slow to develop. One method I found helpful was to try a new vegetable once a week for a few weeks until I was able to build up my repertoire. You may find that once you introduce new healthy foods into your diet, you may start to crave it. I used to be a chronic soda drinker and now it tastes gross to me. I also really don’t like white bread anymore. It tastes really plain and stale to me now. You might be surprised how much your taste preferences change.

Add some spice

Not everyone can handle a lot of spice but if you do enjoy a bit of spiciness, add your own to your sauces (fresh if possible). Spicy food will boost your metabolism, help with sinus issues, and help move stuck energy.

Health and energy healers

The healers themselves benefit from a good health regiment as it can affect how effective they are at channeling the energy. Many healers will go through a rigorous self-reflective healing process before starting, not that they have to be perfect all the time, but more we allow healing in our own bodies, the better it is for our clients.

Pick your battles

If healthy eating has never been your thing, try one adding or changing one thing. If you really can’t let go of your white bread and pasta, then try removing other forms of processed foods or add more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Being perfect all the time isn’t always possible. They more we follow good habits, the better off we are but we all know that isn’t always workable. I believe not giving up completely is key. Getting back on the wagon as quickly as possible can correct some of the damage done.

As mentioned earlier, clearing as much toxins out before a healing session will be the most beneficial. This doesn’t mean you won’t get any benefits from healing if you don’t but the benefits won’t last if you don’t look after yourself physically and emotionally.

As mentioned previously, avoiding processed foods right before your health session will be helpful.

Take care of yourself and your personal environment, and enjoy the elevated vitality.






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