Reiki for animals

Pet lovers find it distressing when their beloved pet is under the weather. Reiki is a great way to give back to these loving beings. There is lots of information out there on natural therapies for animals and I can’t say I am an expert; However, I will treat dogs and horses with Reiki. If you are a pet lover, learning Reiki, at least level one, is a great tool to put in your tool belt.

My experience with Reiki, on dogs especially, is that they love it and it’s a fantastic bonding experience. Less time is required for healing animals and it’s easy to do when every there’s an opportunity, like when you are lounging on the couch together. They have smaller bodies, making hand placement easy.

Doing Reiki with your family pet is relaxing and healing for both.

What animals will respond?

Smaller animals find Reiki a bit too much, so dogs and larger are good recipients but don’t worry, they will let you know if it’s too much and will move away. It can’t harm them but might make them feel uncomfortable. The first few times I gave Reiki to my dog he looked at me in a surprised way but then immediately relaxed into it. He loves it now and will lay there for a long time while I put my hands on him. Once he’s had enough He will get up.

Larger animals, such as horses, also respond very well to this type of treatment. Smaller animals might like to be near when you are giving Reiki on a human. Most medium to large animals are likely to find it soothing. With larger animals, practitioners should take the usual precautions by educating themselves on animal behavior and have an expert and/or their owner and stand by. I wouldn’t want any toes to be crunched!

How effective it?

Reiki treatment on animals can be very effective but, as with humans, there are many contributing factors to illness and not all things can be cured. It is a great complement to other conventional treatments recommended by your vet. At the very least, it will ease symptoms, comfort your animal, and provide some comfort for you as well.

Reiki promotes stress release and can help to balance animals with emotional disturbances such as hyperactivity and depression. Reiki doesn’t replace proper training, exercise and attention that larger animals require.

Can animals provide healing?

We’ve all hear how animals provide stress relief, which has numerous health benefits to humans. Animals provide healing to humans and other animals all the time without us even realizing it. Pets take on some of our emotional burdens, manifesting into sickness, dogs especially will often take on our illnesses and Reiki is a good way to counteract the effects.

I used to see a Bowen therapist, whose cat would often come into the room and help with the healing. My dog has assisted me with healing another dog. I placed my hands on the dog and my dog placed a paw a long side. He may have been mimicking me but I found it helpful and, of course, adorable.

At the very lease, Reiki is a way of showing our pets affection and helping them relax in times of distress. I love bonding with my dog in this way and feel like it helps him immensely. Try it yourself or find a local practitioner. Most Reiki practitioners will heal animals. You can’t go wrong with quality time with your pets!

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